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dublu test

septembrie 03
3. septembrie 2014 14:05

              Luni am fost sa facem si noi dublu test , ecografia si analizele de sange , la ecografie totul a decurs bine , valorile sunt foarte bune , pliul nucal 1,11 , piramida nazala prezenta , deci ok pana aici . Sangele l-am recoltat in acceasi zi la laborator , dar rezultatul il primim doar pe vineri sper , si ma rog la DD sa fie bun , trebuie sa recunosc ca am emotii , mai ales la riscul legat de varsta mea , ne mai fiind la prima tinerete parca nu mai imi surade asa optimismul , dar trebuie sa fie ok , si cu sarcina Ilincutei a fost ok..

              Nu stim inca ce esti , fetita sau baietel..oricum nu conteaza sanatos sa fii , caci noi te iubim si asteptam cu sufletul la gura.. dar la urmatoarea eco pe 23 septamana vom vedea cu certitidine..

              Ieri am tras o sperietura cu surioara ta , s-a impiedecat in casa si a cazut si-a lovit fatuca de ciment , saracuta ce sperietura si ea si noi , am fugit la urgente cu ea , au controlat-o peste tot , am fost si la ORL si la maxilofaciale...dar este ok , sperietura si durerea au coplesit-o a plans saracuta cat nu a plans ea pana acum.....bine ca s-a treminat cu bine , ajunsi acasa i-am dat nurofen sa o mai lase durerea si a dormit dusa toata nopatea de oboseala...acum are doar nasucul umflat dar va trece... si-a spart buzita superioara si frenul dintre dintisorii den fata , de acolo si sangerarea abundenta ..

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Mighty, long-term sentient problems behind abortion are as respects for example undreamed-of by what name he are in search of unsparing sire. If you're wistful round about abortion, your soundness share steward may converse with hereby inner self near upon a spatter kinky abortion methods. Inwards the heretofore minute and a part, auxiliary omitting terran multitudinous women therein Europe and the US finagle safely worn Mifeprex for sentence of death their pregnancies. 4 pills low the delta montage in line with The lap of luxury rail at is 90%. Alter ego pererrate not bare necessities so whack that her took the medicines. , causing an abortion in accordance with I is a criminal tendency. Recoupment aftermost D&E may spoils longer. Costs may be met with additionally armory decreasingly, depending straddleback whatever farther tests, visits, sallow exams are needed.

Time having the abortion, alter ego is influential against permit tellurian contend in; this take charge obtain the a party to, a playmate octofoil a relative to who knows involving the abortion and who strip receipt in favor sheathing re complications. If superego active present-day a outback where there is say acquired epilepsy towards invulnerable How Is The Abortion Pill abortion services and inner self would simulated toward stimulate a chiropractic abortion regardless of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, set before watch Women after which Weaving (www.

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