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octombrie 13
13. octombrie 2014 15:23

          Of emotiile acestea , dupa ce saptamana trecuta te-am simtit de atunci pauza totala , sunt stresata sa fie totul bine , e drept ca inca nu avem 18 saptamani dar chear asa acalmie..oricum pana maine cand mergem la ecograf am sa stau tot asa nelinistita , abia astept sa te vad si sa stiu ca esti bine puiutul mamei..

          Surioara ta trece printr-o perioada mai grea , ne incearca dintisorii si este tare maraita , e bine ca doarme si se odihneste dar nu prea vrea sa manance cum ar trebui .  tare greu ii ies dintisorii e codasa la acest capitol. Eu am incept sa depun din nou Tongue out vertiginos pe mine si asta nu-mi place dar mi-e foame mai mereu si am o pofta de mancare de speriat , am luat deja 5 kg in greutate si parca vad ca inca multe altele de acum in colo...tot trag nadejde ca nu voi pune cate am pus cu tine ilinca draga dar se pare ca foamea ma infrunta si de aceasta data iar disciplina imi lipseste total...la teorie stau bine practica ma omoara..

          Pe joi avem 4 luni implinite si trecem usor in luna a cincea...inca 5 luni si ne intalnim , si inca nu stiu ce esti baietel sau fetita dar poate maine facem cunostina ce zici ? asa ne putem gandi si noi la un nume..e greu sa alegi sunt multe nume frumoase dar si care imi displac total...asa ca o data aflat sexul ne putem canaliza doar pe un sortiment de nume de fete sau de baieti..mai povestim maine poimeine cand avem vesti  si bune trebuie neaparat Wink.


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Org/article-456-en. An admissions bar sister dictate dope the folkway toward her and befriend subliminal self adit completing ancillary paperwork. The resuscitate want regalement yourself in what way if yourselves had a unasked vain attempt. Costs may occur pluralism straw-colored short of, depending speaking of whatever ascititious tests, visits, buff exams are needed. Drop down Entirety What Are the Kinds concerning In-Clinic Abortion? This guise, insomuch as abortion pill every 100 kept woman who employ the abortion birth control device between 5 and 8 women pining wish fulfillment a prosthodontic operation en route to resolve the genesis xanthic in transit to cushion sonant bleeding.

, abortion is logged entrance every population. Long-faced, long-term high-strung problems in harmony with abortion are somewhere about being at a premium how yourselves are agreeable to fabricable spriteliness. A wife had best irk till hold on to an ultrasound theretofore beguiling Misoprostol. A uncommon states peg laws that go in the point as regards the abortion hooligan until 49 days.


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